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Xtreme Cloud Exploreressential iPhone & iPad app.

‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ is a new unique app from ‘XtremeApp’. It is an all-encompassing cloud management solution for various files spaces such as Google Drive and DropBox.
‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ is the most power tool and method for managing your cloud files. You can view documents, images, video and listen to music directly from your cloud. This can all be done on the move and from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad.
Using the application is simple and it takes no time at all to add your cloud accounts. Just launch the application and tap the plus button in the bottom right corner of the screen. From here you can select which cloud you want to add. You can add your Dropbox and Google Drive by simplyentering your log in account details.
When your drive is added you can then select it and it will automatically link to the cloud drive and display your files in a list. The app allows you to choose between displaying them as a list or tiled.
Viewing images works just like your iPhone or iPad album but all runs within the app itself. You can use the touch screen to swipe between pictures and view all your photos.
With ‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ it is also possible to view any type of document such as a pdf for doc file. The viewer works as you would expect with the ability to zoom in and out using the two-finger pinch. The app also uses finger swipe controls to navigate and browse documents.
‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ can also stream media content such as DIVX and AVi files from your cloud device. The pro player is a highly advance features and can support a large number of media formats, as well as formats that are not native to iOS.
If you need to send documents that are stored on your cloud drive you can simple send them via email. ‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ will open and email message and attached the required file.
‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ is a definitely the frontrunner and stands a high chance of become the market leader for cloud management.
You can download and use ‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ for free from the app store. Download and experience this advanced management system now via the link below.

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Xtreme Cloud Explorer cloud management system for iPhone&iPad

With the popularity of online storage devices known as clouds, popularized by Apple, Google and Dropboxa management system has become essential.
Luckily there is now a highly functional and user-friendly application for the iPhone&iPad, designed and created by ‘XtremeApp’
This all in one management app is called ‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’. It has a powerful and smooth user-interface that allows management of all your cloud storage accounts from one app.
There is an astonishing set of features that enables you to add all accounts and passwords, and then manage your files as if you were logged into the drive on your computer.
You can move, copy, delete, rename, upload and create folders, as well as being able to view all types of document. The app features a pro player that enables the streaming of video and music files.
That fact that this app streams data and does not save it to the phone first means that you wont have to worry about running out storage space on your phone.
With the pro player all streaming of files and playing videos and music all happens in-app and can deliver media streams non-native to iOS players and usually un-supported. This makes the overall experience of the app smooth and reliable.
WebDAV is a very common protocol to access lots of Clould and NASes.‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ allows for the integration of WebDAV and the setting up of these accounts. This feature is an addition for pro users and can be added for just $2.99.
‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ is a free app in the ‘Utilities’ section of the app store. Its popularity has seen its rank rise in many countries as the demand for such an application has become strong.
This super tool is a must have app for your iPhone or iPad. It will help you manage your cloud devices and also save on device storage space.
You can download and use the full functions of ‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ from the app store right now for free. The link below will take you to the application in the app store.

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Xtreme Cloud Explorer, the all in one cloud utility app

Cloud devices are becoming extremely popular with many different services being available online. Getting extra storage space for free and having the ability to make back ups to a secure system is a large attraction.
Various companies offer cloud devices, with the most popular being ‘Google Drive’ and ‘DropBox’. Managing all you cloud devices can be time consuming, as you will have to log in to each account separately. But now there is an application that brings all your cloud storage devices into one place.
‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ is a unique application for the iPhone &iPad that allows you to access all your clouds from one place. It has a very smooth and fast user interface and is the most powerful way to manage your cloud storage devices.
The built in file browser allows you to copy, move, rename, delete, create folders and upload files. Managing your files from the iPhone&iPad is surprisingly simple and takes little time. The process is intuitive and extremely straightforward.
‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ has a built in pro playerfor music and videos as well as a file viewer. With this you can listen to your music from the cloud or watch videos. These are all streamed so you do not have to wait for the file to fully download. The pro player can support and stream media files that are non-native to iOS and would not usually play on your device. This makes the pro player a very attractive feature. A standard player can also be used, this player uses the iOS built in media players to deliver the content.

The application is free in the app store, which is incredible for a cloud management system as rich and powerful as ‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’. The free downloads allows you to access all your cloud devices with all features and functions enabled.
If you require access to WebDAV this can be added as an addition extra by purchasing the in-app upgrade to pro for just $2.99
The application is proving popular and ranking highly in many countries under the Utilities’ Category. ‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ is without doubt the leading cloud management device in the field and the most functional on the market.
‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ also has a supporting website at www.xtremeapp.com.tw where the development team can be contact at any time for support on using the application.
Start managing you cloud device on the move via you iPhone &iPad. Download and enjoy ‘Xtreme Cloud Explorer’ today via the link below.


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